I worked with Greg on the college’s website redesign. He did a great job of keeping the integrity of my design while making it very functional for the user. I was impressed by his tremendous attention to detail and high standards of perfection. He works well with designers and explains technical jargon in a way right-brained thinkers can understand.

Jamie Pomasi Graphic Designer, Nicolet College

Greg maintained an exemplary work ethic. He focused on completing projects in a timely manner, critically considered site navigation, and displayed great attention to detail ensuring style and content uniformity throughout the site.

Sandy Kinney Director, Community Relations and Marketing, Nicolet College

Greg was able to quickly familiarize himself with our website and make the changes necessary to complete the project he was brought in for ahead of schedule. He came to the job ready to work, and asked questions when appropriate.

Heather Grotto Bellis Senior Web Designer, Ace Hardware Corporation

Greg worked with my team on a very tedious web assignment. He was very detail-oriented and caught on quickly to a complex technical environment. His work was very accurate. In addition, Greg fit in with the team well and was nice to work with.

Carolann Connor Director, Corporate Communications, Ace Hardware Corporation

Greg has a great eye for detail and is very focused on the tasks at hand. While working with Greg, I was impressed with his knowledge and dedication to the organization and the pride he displayed while working on a project.

Sue Siradas Manager, Education Network, Appraisal Institute

Always a consummate professional, Greg produced high-quality results creatively and frequently within tight time schedules. While Greg’s role required ongoing work with all types of personalities, staff and members, he always succeeded in getting the resources or information needed for work to go forward. Greg maintained up-to-the-minute technical skills and shared his knowledge freely. Greg’s really the type of person everyone wants as a colleague.

Virginia Sylvestri Manager, Chapter Services and Special Programs, Appraisal Institute

Greg’s formatting and design skills were influential as a new look was created for course materials being developed for the new curriculum. Greg provided and implemented user-friendly layout design ideas to enhance learning while formatting for accuracy and consistency. Greg’s attention to detail led to attractive design layouts and excellent course materials.

Larisa Phillips Vice President, Education Development and Delivery, Appraisal Institute

Greg constantly improves the overall quality and achievement level of the staff that directly benefits the association. His constant attention to detail, expertise in writing, and remarkable capacity for designing forms promotes a very professional image. His involvement in the planning of the work sustains and encourages a positive, supportive environment for the staff. Greg handles multiple tasks simultaneously, tackles big projects one step at a time, and makes himself available extra hours. As a result, he meets all deadlines.

Leslie Parello Horton Operations Manager, Chicago Metro AEYC


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